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Job wanted: Technical Engineer

Job Description: Gender unlimited, under 35 years old, engineering and mechanical, electronic, electrical, automation and other related majors, fresh graduates are preferred。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】


Job listing: Project Manager

Job Description: Male, under 45 years old, engineering and mechanical, electrical, electronic, automation and other related majors, required to have mechanical and electrical, housing construction or municipal secondary construction engineer or above qualifications, engaged in construction industry site management for more than 3 years of work experience。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】


Job wanted: Accountant

Job Description: Gender, under 45 years old, finance and related major, bachelor degree or above, intermediate title or above, construction industry related working experience of more than 3 years, skilled use of finance related software。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】


Job wanted: Electrician

Job Description: Complete operating certificate, under 50 years old, healthy。Salary negotiable。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】


Job Posting: General clerk

Job Description: Female, full-time bachelor degree or above, language, management or related major, under 30 years old。Salary: 2000 yuan。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】


Job Recruitment: First grade construction engineer

Job Description: 1, with the national examination level I construction engineer certificate (professional unlimited)。 2, full-time part-time can。 3, the treatment negotiable。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】


Job Posting: Human Resources Supervisor

Job Description: 1, male, under 35 years old, full-time bachelor degree or above, human resources and related major。 2, more than 5 years of relevant work experience, master the process of human resources。 3, engineering enterprise related work experience is preferred。 【威尼斯569vip游戏线路检测中心】